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About us

About us


Dear our customers
Our belief as nail artists and estheticians…
We always care and consider each of our customers with our sincerity and try our best to provide the best service. Because we are a small salon with homely atmosphere, we can provide warm and tender services.
We sincerely want to support those customers who desire to become more beautiful and to have slimmer body. We never give up your dreams to become slim and beautiful.
We would like our customers to enjoy your healthy and beautiful nails without damages.
When you make an appointment with us is not when your gel nails came off, but when your nails are grown too long.
We’re glad to hear our customers’ satisfaction with our treatment who previously had their nails done at another outlet which turned out to be coming off right away.
We also want to make the customers feel comfortable who have never tried at a nail salon before.
Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries.


プロダクトAbout our products
All our selections of products are high quality which can satisfy you for sure. High quality Bio-gel and Cal-gel which is gentle to your nails, both have the largest market share in Japan.
We use SWALOVSKI stones to decorate your nails gloriously.
For esthetic treatment, we use gentle and high quality products made in Japan which our esthetician selects with confidence.
We also provide skin care products line for you to enjoy at home.
※We do not pressure our customers to purchase our products.


Special feature of our salon
For those who think esthetic treatments are costly so difficult to continue…
But to gain and keep up your beauty, it is necessary to continue.
We are the salon where you can happily continue with our reasonable price.
Unlike those salons where they don’t tell you the prices until your counseling, we clearly open our price to the customers on our web site that makes you understand and not to worry.
Free membership fee!
At our salon, you can get esthetic treatment, nail treatment and eyelash treatment at the same place, that makes you to save your time. Especially for those who lead a busy life.

181 Orchard Road Orchard Central内 #03-21

call us or sms 9151-6637

Opening hours: 10:00 -22:00 7 days a week